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About Us

ECO CITY Ltd. was established in 2006 with the purpose of building energy-independent buildings and trading materials and systems for their realization. The first project was the construction of a house under the Passive House standard. The implementation took seven months from 8 October 2007 to 8 May 2008.

From this house the company has accumulated rich practical experience and knowledge. We offer one-day daily monitoring of real-life people in the building. We can execute your project for an energy-independent building or supply components to build it. On this site you will find products that help to reduce costs without disturbing your comfort.

Among the most sought after products and services are the systems for saving hot and cold water and electricity for business and households, the design and construction of energy-independent (passive) buildings, full customer service tailored to your demands, preferences and specific desires.

Take advantage of our flexible design - tailored to the specific climatic and geographic conditions of the place you choose for your modern building. This means specially designed insulation, air conditioning, location versus terrain, maximum absorption of beneficial sunshine.

Save up to 50% of your water and electricity bills for hot water heating through our equipment with aerators, heat exchangers and other technologies.