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Ecco City has been working for more than ten years with small businesses and has helped many customers to increase their profits by reducing their cost of household consumables such as electricity, hot and cold water. In some cases, the money saved is really serious.

"Eco City Ltd" offers for your business:

- Modern water-saving systems - fountain and shower aerators, dishwashers (particularly suitable for hotel and restaurant operators), public laundries and high-consumption cold and hot water industries.

- Specially developed heat exchangers for innovative technology, saving valuable and expensive energy for water heating. This will significantly reduce your electricity costs.

"DOBRO" restaurants are entirely ecological

Complete equipment with energy-saving systems in "Good" restaurant chain. Aerators and heat exchangers are installed in all establishments.

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11-month monitoring of restaurants

The first objects, which were equipped with aerators, are Red House and Dobro restaurants.

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